5 Signs That Your Tree Is Dying

An obvious sign that your tree is dying or already dead is when there are no leaves on the tree. Everything is bare and sickly looking, and it sticks out like a sore thumb on your property. But as we’ve said many times, just because your tree looks healthy and green right now doesn’t mean it’s thriving. There are hidden signs that your tree is dying that many homeowners simply don’t know to look for.

It’s our job at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, to ensure your trees retain their beauty today, tomorrow, and for years down the road. But even the best trees fall victim to disease, insects, and Mother Nature. 

And when this happens, the prudent thing to do is remove that dead tree sooner rather than later.

Not sure if your tree is dying? Look for these signs.

The bark is flaking and peeling — Bark for a tree is like skin to humans. It should look strong and firm, and it should offer instant protection. So if you notice bark is falling off, cracked, or can be peeled back, it’s a telltale sign that there are underlying diseases. Many trees also have what look like natural holes, though they can become soft and chip away at the tree’s structural integrity.

Presence of rot and fungus — Tree disease can manifest itself in obvious and subtle ways. As previously mentioned, there could be holes or cracks in the bark caused by insects and disease. There could also be noticeable root damage, leaf discoloration, fewer leaves than usual during the growing season, mushrooms, root flare, and other fungi. 

Insects are everywhere — Your trees are bound to come in contact with termites, beetles, ants, etc., as the years go by. This is normal, though you want to stay on top of these issues and catch them early enough to avoid more long-term damage.

The tree is leaning — Trees should grow straight and strong. If your tree is suddenly leaning more and more to one side every year, this is an obvious sign that your tree is dying. It’s also a serious safety issue, as what were once strong roots could become compromised and cause the tree to fall over on your home or a vehicle.

Brittle branches — If you see sticks everywhere on the ground beneath the tree, or you notice that more limbs than before are being torn up with windy or inclement weather, your tree’s safety should be evaluated quickly. Brittle branches are a sign that the majority of the tree is dying or possibly already dead. Call a tree service professional right away to address this issue.

We Specialize in Large and Dangerous Tree Removal

More often than not, it’s easy to spot a tree that needs to be removed. Dead trees that aren’t blooming and look like they could give way with one strong breeze can cause incalculable damage to your home or business. But then there are the situations that aren’t as obvious. Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, are experts in quality, efficient, and safe large and dangerous tree removal — no matter if it’s a 10-foot tree next to your garage or a tree that needs to be safely removed for land-clearing purposes. 

Our professionals show up to each job site armed with the right equipment and machines every time. More than just being a tree cutter and mindlessly hacking off a few tree limbs here and there with a chainsaw and hoping for the best, every cut we make has a purpose. We can utilize our CMC 83 Arbor Lift, chipper, or stump grinder to breeze through projects some tree removal companies simply can’t or don’t want to handle. Our Arbor Lift, in particular, is specifically designed for arborists and allows us to tackle any project. But even if the lift isn’t appropriate for your tree service needs, that’s OK because we are pros at tree climbing.

Just a few benefits of calling us today include:

  • Work directly with the owner on every tree job
  • Responsiveness and fast scheduling
  • We can handle any size tree
  • Full-scope tree service and removal (no job is too big or too small)
  • We leave your property cleaner than we found it
This decayed and rotted tree looked like it was thriving but due to root rot and insect infestation, it fell and landed on a parked car.  Get your trees inspected!
This Red Oak tree had root rot, fungus, and was infested with wood roaches. It fell and landed on a car that was parked on the street. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.