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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Denton and Surrounding Locations

Well-groomed trees and shrubs make for quite the stately presence in your yard, wouldn’t you agree? More than signifying your attention to detail and beauty, though, they also show that you care deeply about prolonging their overall health and lifespan. After all, overgrowth can cause a variety of unhealthy conditions for roots and limbs while also potentially putting your property and structures at risk. But why take on such a big responsibility alone? Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, wants to be your expert tree trimming and pruning partner.

Here are a few signs that you’re overdue for tree trimming and pruning:

You can’t see between the branches — Your tree may be too dense and overcrowded. This can lead to uneven weight distribution, disease infestation, and limit how much light and air gets through to ensure the grass below stays green and healthy.

Dead or diseased limbs — Eliminating dead branches keeps diseases from spreading to healthy limbs and avoids potential property damage due to fallen branches. You can spot these troublesome branches because they are likely bowing or angling toward the ground.

Obvious overgrowth — As trees grow, they can extend too close to rooflines, utility lines, and nearby structures. They may even be difficult to walk under due to low-hanging branches.

Crossing branches — Healthy trees have branches that are straight and strong. Crossing branches prevents healthy tree growth, causes your tree to grow in the wrong direction, and can breed more expansive disease and insect infestation.

As with our many other tree service options, such as tree removal, stump grinding, and emergency work, we offer free estimates and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can depend on our commitment to quality and our vast knowledge of what trees need the most.

Benefits of Denton Tree Trimming & Pruning for Your Trees

•  Improved tree appearance
•  Overall health
•  Better exposure to sunlight

•  Early disease detection and prevention
•  Reduce risk of property damage
•  Improved property values

a man standing on a large branch pruning a tree in denton tx

There is so much involved in properly trimming and pruning trees. There is actually a science to proper tree trimming and pruning to keep them looking great and avoid a shortened lifespan. This includes knowing which limbs to cut, how and where to cut them, and what time of year is best for trimming and pruning. Our team of professionals at Clean Edge treats your trees as if they were our own.

What Do We Mean by Trimming and Pruning?

On a basic level, tree trimming and pruning in Denton include removing dead, diseased, hanging, or weak branches. Many homeowners can spot these and eliminate the ones closest to the ground. But a professional service can tackle the same job at greater heights, leaving for a more balanced approach and efficiently shaped tree through tip reduction. We can manually climb a tree to complete a job or utilize our CMC 83 Arbor Lift, chipper, or stump grinder to breeze through projects some tree removal companies simply can’t or don’t want to handle. Our Arbor Lift is specifically de-signed for arborists and allows us to tackle any project. But even if the lift isn’t appropriate for your tree service needs, that’s OK because we are pros at tree climbing to get the job done. In many instances, we can spot limbs you didn’t think were an issue but are cracked and could lead to expensive damage if not removed. Trimming and pruning include restorative work and strategically removing branches weighing the tree down, limiting light penetration, and forcing you to “duck down” to avoid low-hanging branches.

To be effective, one of our ISA-certified arborists should regularly do tree maintenance during non-growing seasons (June 1-February 15). Our team has several approaches to tree trimming and pruning depending on what your trees need.

Our team has several approaches to tree trimming and pruning depending on what your trees need.

1. Crown Reduction — Crown reduction focuses on reducing the tree’s height to keep it from becoming too top-heavy and leading to damage. With this tree trimming and pruning method, branches are cut back to laterals to limit the height and spread of the crown.

2. Crown Cleaning — The goal is to remove weak, diseased, dead, and hazardous branches. It also involves cutting down branches that are crossing and rubbing together. Doing so eliminates harmful branches and allows more light to pass through the tree.

3. Crown Raising — This method is for limbs and branches too close to structures and power lines. It is also suitable for low-hanging branches that present hazards to people and vehicles or interfere with activities such as mowing or hanging out comfortably in the front yard.

4. Crown Thinning — With crown thinning, we reduce weight on heavier limbs, improve sunlight to the inner canopy and lawn, limit the spread of disease throughout the rest of the tree, and reduce drag caused by heavy winds. 

The Clean Edge Tree Trimming & Pruning Difference:


Call us to schedule an on-site evaluation. We come to you, many times as quickly as the same day.


We assess the job site and explain your options. Once we’ve assessed your tree service needs, we discuss options and answer any questions.


Receive a FREE estimate. There are no strings attached to our estimates. Just honest pricing and feedback.


Experience the Clean Edge difference. When you accept our estimate, we don’t waste any time trying to fit you into our schedule.

We know you have options when it comes to searching online for “tree service near me.” Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, is family-owned and operated and has served Denton and surrounding areas since 2016. More importantly, we have the equipment, experience, and technical know-how to safely and efficiently handle any tree and residential or commercial scenario — from a downed tree in the middle of a storm to trimming a few branches, stump grinding, and removing trees that tower 83 feet in the air.

There isn’t a tree in Denton that we can’t handle.
Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!

See what our customers have to say...
brad webster
brad webster
Henry with Clean Edge Tree Service came out to help me with some dangerous trees. He really was prompt and saw the danger to me and was able to perform a terrific job. The crew was polite, friendly and respectful of the project. Definitely recommend them and will be my go to guy for all future tree projects. Bradley
Dwight Dodd
Dwight Dodd
Henry and Austin with Clean Edge Tree Service came promptly to provide a bid to remove two dead trees which were hanging over my barn. They provided me with different options and were able to come back the same day to complete the work. They had the right tools to do the job correctly and left the area tidy. Will use them again. Their prompt, friendly and professional service has earned my loyalty.
Lynn Herod
Lynn Herod
I live off Chebi Lane near Old North and 380. Wow!!!!! My husband and I were so impressed with Henry and his company's professionalism, excellent customer service, and amazing job performed that left my yard cleaner than before! These guys work fast and get a huge job done in less than 8 hours and I feel it was done for a great price. They trimmed and pruned two large Live Oaks and removed two gigantic tree stumps from previous Silver Leaf Maples that had been cut down several years ago. Henry even trimmed a tree hanging over my fence from the easement and didn't charge me. They leave no mess and clean everything up!!! One of the guys even stopped working to run down the street and save my neighbor's little dogs that had gotten out and took them back to the neighbor's house. These guys are absolutely the best! Where do you find people that provide this type of service? I highly recommend Clean Edge Tree Service to anyone needing this type of service and hope to use them again when my trees need love and expertise care.
LeAnn Barr
LeAnn Barr
These guys are fantastic! They responded quickly, gave me a fair estimate, and came to take care of the job very soon after. They were professional, on time, and friendly. They also left my yard cleaner that when they found it. I had a huge pine that was declining looming over my house. Every piece they brought down was very controlled and didn’t make me nervous at all. They went above and beyond and actually cleaned a giant blanket of pine needles from my roof that were sure to cause problems for me later (the needles had been there a while-not from dropping because of the job) Call them! You will be glad you did.
Don Deckard
Don Deckard
They went above and beyond in the work they did for us. Very professional and efficient.
Michelle Elliott
Michelle Elliott
I called Clean Edge tree service to have tree trimming done, and one tree removal at my parents house in Denton, TX. I was very impressed with the professionalism and their customer service. Their machinery is unbelievable and it was really enjoyable to watch them take down this very large, old, post oak tree that was causing a threat to the house. Their cleanup job made everything look better than it did before! My parents are so happy with the end result! Thank you, Henry and the whole crew.
Jenifer Carpenter
Jenifer Carpenter
Our trees look great and the price was very reasonable for the amount of work done. Excellent communication and customer service.
Sandy McAnally
Sandy McAnally
After initially calling, Henry came out same afternoon to look over the job for tree removal (2 trees) with stump grinding, tree trimming (1 tree), and dead bush removal (several). Estimate was reasonable. He and his crew came out next morning to do the job. I am thrilled with the results. Highly recommended.
Dan Dunfee
Dan Dunfee
Cleared trees and even did more than agreed upon. Left area clean. Treated it as if it was his own place. Brought right equipment to do the job properly. Highly recommend.
Sam Iam
Sam Iam
This is the 2nd time we’ve used this tree service. We’re continually impressed with how the owner and his crew operate. They are time conscious, environmently aware of what the customer wants, as well as, what’s best for the trees and property. They are truly invested in the overall outcome of what the customer wants for their property and what makes sense long term. When you’re searching for a reputable company, look no further than Clean Edge Tree Service and Removal. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and money.
"Henry took time to explain the work I needed done."

"Henry and his crew trimmed several trees around our property and removed one tree as well. They did excellent work and at an affordable price. Henry is a very knowledgeable arborist and has a lot of care for his work. He took the time to explain what he thought I should do with my trees and why he thought that way. I would highly recommend using Clean Edge to anyone needing tree services."

John R.