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Several years ago, we showed up at a beautiful home here in Denton to do some tree pruning and other tree service needs for a nice older gentleman who’d called only a day earlier about two overgrown oaks. And he was right, too — it’d been at least 10 years since he’d messed with those trees, and now several branches … Read More

We’d Love Your 5-Star Tree Service Google Review

Did you know Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, has amassed over 570 5-Star Google reviews? It’s one thing to have that many reviews, but it’s more impressive that all of them are 5 stars! We take pride in being the best at what we do, but we know all those positive words are because of our … Read More

Does Excessive Texas Heat Hurt Trees?

It’s difficult to imagine it being any hotter outside. A month ago, we were collectively complaining about all the rain and praying to the Gods that we could finally get a little peak of sunshine, and now here we are — practically on the surface of the sun. Heat warnings are an everyday thing right now, and while you are … Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Tree Is Shedding Its Bark

You take pride in the health and safety of your trees. But with so many in your yard and various other lawn care matters to tend to, it can be challenging to know what’s going on with each one at all times. That’s why you were probably shocked to see one tree shedding its bark — first as a few … Read More

Maintain Your Mature Trees

The beauty of a tree goes beyond just its physical presence. Trees also has to do with their significance in our world as they symbolizes a balance of tranquility and nature. Trees hold so much value for life and for your property, and this is why homeowners need to take great care of their tree landscape – especially their mature … Read More

Pricing Tree Work – Some Insights for the Client

When it comes to tree work, nothing is really routine. Every job, every property, every tree is different. This is why when some customers call wanting to know a service price over the phone without a visit to see for ourselves, we tell them that is not entirely possible. We get it, though. Sometimes, people just want a ballpark figure … Read More

Tree Trimming and Pruning: Why Does My Grass Keep Dying Under My Tree?

Dead grass under tree

Summertime is approaching, and you’ve been hard at work getting your front yard back in shape. Everything looks great, from the new stonework installed around the flower beds to the lush green grass. But for whatever reason, one grass strip keeps dying under your live oak tree every summer. What was green and thick last fall will soon be dead … Read More

5 Ways Trees Boost Property Values

It always catches my eye when I see a really nice house with no trees in the front yard. Granted, there’s likely a reason for it — perhaps the homeowner had to remove them because of disease, weather damage, etc., or maybe they didn’t like what the builder originally planted. But that doesn’t stop me from noticing. Again, it’s a … Read More

What Are the Signs of Tree Fungus?

Heart rot in a tree that causes damage to its system

So, you think you’ve got a fungus. Hold up, let’s rephrase that, shall we? So, you think your tree might have a fungus — not just one, by the way … several. And all you want is to get rid of these pesky fungi for good. We can’t blame you! Tree fungus comes in many forms (almost too many to … Read More

4 Reasons Not To Plant a Tree Too Close to Your Home

Blackjack Oak tree removal - too close to house and poses future threats

Another summer will be here before you know it, and homeowners near and far will look for ways to add some oomph to their property’s curb appeal by planting new trees. As far as we’re concerned, no home is complete without big, beautiful trees in the yard. They create quite the stately appearance, especially when well-groomed. So, please plant as … Read More

Will My Tree Grow Back Even After Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding can be done effortlessly with the right machine like this SC70TX Stump Cutter.

A common question our tree service professionals get when a customer hires us for stump grinding is if their tree has the potential to grow back. After all, tree roots can run deep — especially with big, thick, and healthy trees. So, while you may have eliminated the tree and even ground down the stump, it’s only natural to think … Read More

4 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes Homeowners Make All the Time

Tree pruning should be done by a professional for the beauty and health of your trees.

Well-groomed trees make for quite the stately presence in your yard. More than signifying your attention to detail and beauty, they also show that you care deeply about prolonging their overall health and lifespan. Hiring a tree service professional to handle things like tree pruning and tree trimming is a safe and obvious choice for many homeowners. But we also … Read More

Is Your HOA Forcing You To Prune Your Trees?

When an old customer of ours called us recently, the first thing out of his mouth when I picked up the phone was, “Well, Henry. I guess it’s time that I finally prune my trees! My HOA is on my case about getting it done.”  Admittedly, it had been three or four years since he last had us out to … Read More

5 Signs That Your Tree Is Dying

An obvious sign that your tree is dying or already dead is when there are no leaves on the tree. Everything is bare and sickly looking, and it sticks out like a sore thumb on your property. But as we’ve said many times, just because your tree looks healthy and green right now doesn’t mean it’s thriving. There are hidden … Read More

How To Spot a Safety-Conscious Tree Service Professional

You’ve got two or three trees in your yard that need to be trimmed back and possibly removed for safety reasons. You could do it yourself, but seeing as that plan didn’t exactly work out for you or your trees the last time, you realize it’s better to call a tree service professional. Not only will the job be done … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree Soon

You’d think the first thing a homeowner would do when they have a dead tree in their yard is … you guessed it … have it removed. After all, its brittle trunk and leafless limbs stick out like a sore thumb and are doing nothing but drag down your front yard’s curb appeal. For the most part, the majority of … Read More

Tree Pruning 101: What Is Crown Thinning?

Here’s a question we get asked a lot: Is there just one way to prune a tree? The quick answer is no. From crown reduction and crown thinning to crown cleaning and crown raising, tree pruning is very much a science — an art form where every cut means something and is determined by what your tree needs at any … Read More

Wild Stories From Our Emergency Tree Service Jobs

Welcome to the first installment of a blog series where we share wild stories from our emergency tree service jobs throughout Denton. Day or night, rain or shine, our emergency tree service at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal can’t be beaten — and believe us when we say every job comes with its share of surprises.  Below is a … Read More