5 Ways Trees Boost Property Values

It always catches my eye when I see a really nice house with no trees in the front yard. Granted, there’s likely a reason for it — perhaps the homeowner had to remove them because of disease, weather damage, etc., or maybe they didn’t like what the builder originally planted. But that doesn’t stop me from noticing. Again, it’s a beautiful property. It’s just that it feels like something is missing. No home is complete without big, beautiful trees, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also because trees boost property values. 

By the way, that’s not just our team of tree service professionals saying that. Numerous online studies show that homes with trees in good condition have anywhere from 3.5% to 20% more value than those without trees. 

Why is that, exactly? In today’s blog post, we’ll look at a few easy ways trees boost property values.

The Value of Your Denton Home Is Very Important 

1. Curb appeal and first impressions—You don’t have to be a tree service professional like we are to notice when a property lacks trees. Denton has plenty of trees to go around, and those properties without them tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Well-maintained trees add to the allure of your property, give off a welcoming vibe, and show that you have a long-term commitment to property care. As a result, neighbors and potential buyers will want to see more.

2. Energy efficiency — Well-placed trees throughout your front and backyard create natural shade where your lawn and home need it most. As a result, you could save up to 25% of the energy a typical household uses. Moreover, grass and landscaping survive longer under harsher temperature shifts because trees create a buffer from the elements. 

3. Privacy and tranquility — Trees boost property values because they surround your property and can be natural screens that add privacy to your space while also helping to carve out secluded areas in your outdoor spaces. Elements like this stand out to buyers. 

4. Buffers against noise pollution — Most people don’t think of their trees as noise buffers from nearby roads, highways, urban developments, wind, etc. But they can be, especially trees with large canopies and dense foliage. If you don’t believe us, pay attention to how much louder properties without trees naturally are compared to those with several mature trees.

5. Decreased environmental risks — When it comes to the argument that trees boost property values, remember that properties with no trees have a harder time combatting environmental hazards such as soil erosion, weather challenges (high winds and storms), and more. Trust us when we say trees can be quite a formidable barrier. 

No home is complete without big, beautiful trees in the yard. You know, the ones with deep roots, a massive canopy, green leaves for days, strong limbs perfect for hanging a tire swing for the kids, and plenty of shade for outdoor parties. Trees like that can quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. And as luck would have it, Denton has plenty of that to go around. But like anything else, trees boost property values when regularly cared for. Even the smallest tree can grow out of control and need pruning. Giant trees may need to be removed because of disease or to avoid becoming a hazard to nearby structures, and even healthy trees can be uprooted by a storm. You could do it yourself, but you may learn it’s too dangerous or a bigger hassle than anticipated.

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