Maintain Your Mature Trees

The beauty of a tree goes beyond just its physical presence. Trees also has to do with their significance in our world as they symbolizes a balance of tranquility and nature. Trees hold so much value for life and for your property, and this is why homeowners need to take great care of their tree landscape – especially their mature trees.

Those massive and towering Oak, Elm, and Cedar trees that provide our homes with much needed shade and an attractive curb appeal need your TLC just as much as a young, newly planted Bradford Pears or Magnolias. They still need a regular supply of water, disease prevention, and pruning. These mature trees still grow but much slower than new trees and they are quite sensitive to their environment. And, just to think that it takes 20-30 and even up to 40 years for a tree to reach its ultimate magnificence makes keeping them around that much more important.

So, what can we, homeowners, do to preserve these beauties and ensure they stay prominent in our yards?

  • First, keep an eye on them and check for early signs of disease. Many fungi, if caught in their initial stages, can be treated and the trees will survive and continue to live on.
  • Second, prune them, prune them, and prune them on a regular basis! Pruning is done for plant health and it includes removing any dead, injured, or diseased branches. Pruning is also the practice of selectively cutting off live branches to improve the shape of the tree, opening it up to allow air circulation and sunlight to pass through. The increased air flow will keep diseases away and will help the tree withstand storms.
  • Third, make sure that your mature tree is not in an environment where the roots stay moist or soggy for long periods of time. If you have drainage issues, get them fixed. Add or replace the soil around the base of the tree if needed. Avoid overwatering so the tree does not take on a root disease like root rot. This will cut the life of the tree short and cause it to become a hazard for falling.

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Here is a mature pine tree that is being pruned for plant health.