Getting Caught Up in the Best Price for Your Next Tree Service Might Cost You in the Long Run

Professional tree removal done correctly by climbing - tree service at its best

As much as everyone would love to have perfectly pruned trees in their yard, the price is the one question they fret over when talking to tree service professionals. It isn’t always about the tree guy’s experience, equipment, or fast response times. It’s all about price — how much they charge. And more often than not, the property owner will shop around until they find a price they can live with. 

But is getting the best price for your next tree service always the best thing? 

We respectfully argue that the “best price” could cost you in the long run.

Price vs. Cost in Tree Service 

You’re not going to be short on options when you sit down and search “tree service near me” or “tree service Denton” for your residential and commercial tree service needs. As a result, you’ll come across a wide range of quotes for services — whether you have an overgrown tree that needs some serious pruning, a pesky stump in the middle of the yard, or a dangerous tree limb hanging over your roof line. Some of those prices will feel super high, and others will be strikingly low. Some may even fall somewhere in the middle. 

When facing these situations, please look deeper at who you’re hiring and truly understand the difference between price and cost.

Price — The amount of money the tree service professional quotes you to do the job.

Cost —  The amount of money you might actually spend in the long run if you only focus on the best price.

Is it possible that you will find a highly skilled and certified arborists with bargain basement prices? Absolutely. And if that’s the case, we don’t blame you for choosing them. But more often than not, the guy with the cheaper price is the one who will leave you wishing you would have been a bit more picky with your selection. 

Basically, you get what you pay for

We talked about the importance of hiring a professional tree service company vs. the other guy in another blog post. In that article, we shared a story about a nice lady who hired “the other guy” to remove a tree, only to find that he did a horrible job and left unfinished work behind. She ultimately called us to fix everything, and while she was fine paying our price, the cost incurred from hiring the other guy first (and then us) was much greater than the initial price she may have been fixated on.

Clean Edge Doesn’t Always Have the Best Price — But We Are the Best at What We Do!

We pride ourselves on being competitively priced on every tree service we offer at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal. Are we the best price every time in comparison to our competitors? No. But we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied when we finish. It doesn’t matter if it’s a giant oak tree that needs a few branches trimmed back, a stubborn stump you’ve wanted to get rid of for years, a tree that fell on top of a nearby car, house, or business, or something in between. We do it all — expertly, efficiently, and with the cleanest edge you’ve ever seen. More than just being a tree cutter and mindlessly hacking off a few tree limbs here and there with a chainsaw and hoping for the best, every cut we make has a purpose. We can utilize our CMC 83 Arbor Lift, chipper, or stump grinder to breeze through projects some tree removal companies simply can’t or don’t want to handle. 

Our Arbor Lift, in particular, is specifically designed for arborists and allows us to tackle any project. But even if the lift isn’t appropriate for your tree service needs, that’s OK because we are pros at tree climbing.

Just a few benefits of calling us today include:

  • Work directly with the owner on every tree job
  • Responsiveness and fast scheduling
  • We can handle any size tree
  • Full-scope tree service and removal (no job is too big or too small)
  • We leave your property cleaner than we found it

Does that mean our prices might be a little higher? Absolutely. But what you ultimately pay to keep your trees looking great for years to come will cost you significantly less in the long run by choosing us. 

Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal Today!

We know you have options when it comes to your tree service and removal needs. Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Denton, TX, is family-owned and operated and has served Denton and surrounding areas since 2016. More importantly, we have the equipment, experience, and technical know-how to safely and efficiently handle any tree and residential or commercial scenario — from a downed tree in the middle of a storm to trimming a few branches, stump grinding, and removing trees that tower 83 feet in the air.

There isn’t a tree in Denton that we can’t handle — and what we do is worth the price! Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!