Tree Trimming and Pruning: Why Does My Grass Keep Dying Under My Tree?

Dead grass under tree

Summertime is approaching, and you’ve been hard at work getting your front yard back in shape. Everything looks great, from the new stonework installed around the flower beds to the lush green grass. But for whatever reason, one grass strip keeps dying under your live oak tree every summer. What was green and thick last fall will soon be dead and practically non-existent. 

It’s the same thing every year, and you have every reason to blame the tree. After all, you haven’t done tree trimming and pruning in years. So, even though the tree still looks big, bold, and sturdy, it’s been allowed to grow thick, wild, and dense in all the wrong areas. 

Sunlight can’t pass through the canopy — hence, you have dead grass underneath. 

But a lack of sunlight isn’t the only reason why grass keeps dying under your tree. Let’s dive into this a bit more in today’s blog post.

First Things First — Tree Trimming & Pruning Is Crucial If You Want Grass To Grow

Tree trimming and pruning in Denton include removing dead, diseased, hanging, or weak branches. A professional service can tackle this job at greater heights for a more balanced approach and efficiently shaped tree. This is critical for the tree’s long-term health and ensuring you aren’t constantly running into a situation where grass keeps dying under the tree.

Trees should be pruned every year or two. If it’s been 5, 7, or even 10 years since someone trimmed and pruned your trees, it’s likely too dense and overcrowded. Hence, insufficient light and air pass through to ensure the grass below stays green and healthy.

Our team has several approaches to tree trimming and pruning depending on what your trees need.

1. Crown Reduction — Branches are cut back to laterals to limit the height and spread of the crown.

2. Crown Cleaning — Eliminating harmful branches and allowing more light to pass through the tree.

3. Crown Raising — This method is for low-hanging limbs and branches too close to structures and power lines. 

4. Crown Thinning — Reducing weight on heavier limbs, improving sunlight to the inner canopy and lawn, limiting the spread of disease throughout the rest of the tree, and reducing drag caused by heavy winds. 

Sunlight Isn’t The Only Thing in Short Supply

While regular tree trimming and pruning can give your grass what it needs to survive, they are only one piece of the puzzle. You have to remember that trees — especially large ones like a live oak — require a lot of water. The same is true for grass. But in a battle for more water, the tree will always win. This is why you constantly ask, “Why does my grass keep dying under my tree?” 

Unlike spring, summertime has less rainfall, extreme temperatures, and longer daylight hours. As a result, that tree you love so much will naturally suck more water from the soil and leave very little, if any, for the surrounding grass.

Does this mean you must cut down the tree to save the grass? No. But there are a few things you can do.

  1. Constantly water the shaded areas more frequently during summertime. 
  2. Aerate your lawn to relieve compaction and allow more light, air, and water to pass through.
  3. Add more soil to the grass and surrounding areas to create a healthier grass environment.
  4. Consider replacing your existing sod with low-maintenance grass
  5. Trim lower-hanging branches to allow more sunlight to pass through.
  6. Hire a professional tree trimming and pruning company for a more well-rounded approach.

No home is complete without big, beautiful trees in the yard. You know, the ones with deep roots, a massive canopy, green leaves for days, strong limbs perfect for hanging a tire swing for the kids, and plenty of shade for outdoor parties. Trees like that can quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. And as luck would have it, Denton has plenty of that to go around. But like anything else, trees require upkeep. Even the smallest tree can grow out of control and need pruning. Giant trees may need to be removed because of disease or to avoid becoming a hazard to nearby structures, and even healthy trees can be uprooted by a storm. You could do it yourself, but you may learn it’s too dangerous or a bigger hassle than anticipated.

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Dead grass due to thick tree canopy.