3 Reasons Why Your Tree Is Shedding Its Bark

You take pride in the health and safety of your trees. But with so many in your yard and various other lawn care matters to tend to, it can be challenging to know what’s going on with each one at all times. That’s why you were probably shocked to see one tree shedding its bark — first as a few … Read More

5 Ways Trees Boost Property Values

It always catches my eye when I see a really nice house with no trees in the front yard. Granted, there’s likely a reason for it — perhaps the homeowner had to remove them because of disease, weather damage, etc., or maybe they didn’t like what the builder originally planted. But that doesn’t stop me from noticing. Again, it’s a … Read More

What Are the Signs of Tree Fungus?

Heart rot in a tree that causes damage to its system

So, you think you’ve got a fungus. Hold up, let’s rephrase that, shall we? So, you think your tree might have a fungus — not just one, by the way … several. And all you want is to get rid of these pesky fungi for good. We can’t blame you! Tree fungus comes in many forms (almost too many to … Read More

4 Reasons Not To Plant a Tree Too Close to Your Home

Blackjack Oak tree removal - too close to house and poses future threats

Another summer will be here before you know it, and homeowners near and far will look for ways to add some oomph to their property’s curb appeal by planting new trees. As far as we’re concerned, no home is complete without big, beautiful trees in the yard. They create quite the stately appearance, especially when well-groomed. So, please plant as … Read More